Thursday, May 13, 2010

Plant of the Week!!

To die for!  Annabelle Hydrangea

Finally, a hydrangea that is dead hardy and reliable in our area.  Puffy white blooms up to 10" wide in mid-summer.  Because it blooms on new wood, it can be cut back to the ground and is very useful for areas with heavy winter snow that would damage other shrubs.  In other words - our area!!  It makes a spectacular show in a border, and does well in part to full shade.  Unlike most hydrangeas, it can take our Colorado alkaline soils.

I used it in a garden in RVR 7 years ago for a lovely woman with very poor vision, and due to the large flowers she was able to see and enjoy it.  It has thrived and still looks just wonderful.

In Summer - lime green flowers initially                                             
       Maturing to white
This picture was taken the first year, look  how great they look already!

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