Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spring Prep in your garden in early March

As we start to get days above freezing and a few days here and there nice enough to be outside, there is work to be done in the garden.  Just a few things that really need to be done soon:
  • Prune prunus cistenas (purple leafed sandcherries) back to promote a fuller shape. They’ll grow rapidly once the weather warms. Take anywhere from 6 - 12” off various branches, aiming for a rounded shape.
  • Prune back other trees ands shrubs not done in fall, except lilacs unless needed for shaping.  Those should have been pruned just after flowering last year. 
  • Cut back blue mist spiraeas, grasses, and perennials that you didn’t cut back in the fall. See earlier blog on how to cut back the large grasses and avoid making a mess.
  • Deep water your evergreens.  Especially important with  newly planted trees and shrubs, as well as the long-needled evergreens. 
  • During a dry spell when there is no snow on the ground this is a good time to spread wildflower seed.  If you've had a wildflower area in the past, you will still need to overseed with the flowers you especially want, otherwise the stronger flowers such as cornflower will take over. 
  • Keep the tip tops of your spruce trees alive by calling us for early Spring spraying for white pine weevil.  By the time you see the damage, it's too late and your tree will lose it's beautiful top. We'll set you up with an affordable program to be sure your valuable trees look their best.  
  • Make sure your deer protection is still working, you're not safe yet!
  • Call us for tree or shrub pruning projects that are too big for you to handle.  I have an arborist on staff and we can get the larger and harder to reach trees much more safely than you can!  Plus shape them professionally and haul away all the debris.
  • Keep browsing through the plant catalogs and garden magaziens and make a file of your favorite photos. This will be invaluable when we sit down together to plan a new garden space for you!

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